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أختر الاستايل الذى يناسبك

هناك أكثر من 18 أستايل مختلف للتصميم الداخلى , توضح هذه الصفحة الفروق التصميمية بين هذه الانواع بشكل مبسط  , الغرض من هذه الصفحة هو مساعدتك للتعرف و الاختيار مابين أشهر ثلاث أنواع منهم و هم ( المودرن - النيوكلاسيك - الكلاسيك )  حيث تعتبر الاشهر مابين الاختيارات

Classic style

Classicism is a style manifested itself in all the arts of Europe in 17-19 centuries: art, literature, music, architecture. Restraint, symmetry, sophistication and appeal to antiquity are reflected in the Classic interior design.

Classicism style – Classic style in the interior of the apartment – it`s a noble decoration, materials of exceptional quality, clear geometric shapes and the lack of “unnecessary frills”. 

Houses in the Classic style

 attracting by their serene colors and atmosphere of reliability and imperial dignity. Today, classic interiors are chosen by wealthy people, with settled taste preferences, as well as those who prefer the age-old cultural values ​​and traditions instead of fleeting fashion.

Classic style furniture

For furniture used precious woods, expensive upholstery fabrics and natural leather. Furniture in the style of classicism is always functional, comfortable, furnishings are without “extra decor”… Often wooden furniture is varnished that makes the interior airy and very furniture graceful. It is appropriate to use gold carving as decor.

To order home design in classic style means to create a unique artistic composition, where every detail is in harmony with others and carefully selected.